Our Philosophy

Established in 2010, Pelikan is Penny and Rachel, old friends who share a passion for the midcentury aesthetic of form and function working in perfect harmony, breathing new life into period pieces.

Scandinavian Heritage

Our vintage sofa and chairs frames are imported almost exclusively from Denmark by us, adding provenance and coming with excellent design and construction credentials. They simply don’t make sofas like they used to and that’s why we love the midcentury ones so much. We don’t get too hung up on designers – we buy pieces we know are well made and that we love ourselves.

Original Frames Transformed

In our care, each midcentury piece goes through a transformation, with its original spirit and integrity retained. It’s stripped back to its bones and upcycled with professional expertise, using the finest quality materials and contemporary fabrics.

Better than New

And the end result is an original vintage midcentury sofa beautifully reworked and ready for use for another 50 years. It’s as good as new – actually we’d argue better because the frame and design is so superior to those made these days and it’s not a mass produced lump of furniture. We believe people want furniture with personality, with its own narrative. Each finished piece is unique, a midcentury original as no two pieces get the same restoration treatment.

Our Furniture as Family

A favourite chair or sofa becomes part of the family. Used and loved, able to withstand the daily rigours of home life and a familiar, comfortable presence. To this end, all our pieces have names that we feel reflect their origin and character.