Finest Quality Upholstery Fabrics

We use a choice but comprehensive range of the high quality upholstery fabrics, from renowned British manufacturers such as Abraham Moons, Bute, Camira, Romo Kirkby, Art of the Loom, Designers Guild and a few others.  Indeed, we’re proud supporters of British Wool! We have also collaborated with British textile designers, such as Eleanor Pritchard using high-end, luxury fabrics on many of our pieces.

Complementing Midcentury Design

Midcentury design tends to favour clean lines and sharp detailing, and we are careful to use fabrics which enhance this. We also want our restored sofas and chairs to be ready for whatever modern life might throw at them so we use cloths which are durable and hard wearing. That’s one of the reasons why we favour wool so much. It can be a very stable cloth with a tight weave which means we can achieve an immaculate finish but its natural properties make it ideal for family life. It’s extremely strong and robust, as well as being naturally water resistant and easy to keep clean. 

We do of course have ranges that aren’t wool, such as velvets and linens, or we have wool blends.

Considering Colour, Texture & Pattern

If you have an idea of the colour palette you are looking for we can send you a range of fabric samples for you to consider in your own home. It’s always best to review fabrics at home where the light can be different and where you can consider it in the context of your other pieces of furniture and belongings, as well as with your existing colours and decor. It’s also important to consider fabric texture and pattern. How does it feel to touch? How does the texture complement other fabrics in your space? Would a fabric with more variance or a pattern work be better?

You might find it helpful to look at our Archive for inspiration. If you are open to suggestion let us know and we can guide you through the possibilities and what might work well in your space. In all our years of restoring sofas and chair for our customers, we’ve never yet not been able to find the perfect fabric from amongst the ranges we use!

Compliance & Durability

All of the materials and fabrics we use meet UK Fire Retardancy Regulations for domestic use and we can specify the use of Crib 5 fabrics if a piece is going into a public place or business. Our fabrics have high rub counts (the industry standard measure of durability), way above the minimum requirement for upholstery.